I love being a lawyer.

I worked my way through college, with the goal of going to law school and becoming a lawyer. It wasn't always fun, but my hard work allowed me to attend the University of Dayton Law School and clerk for a trial court judge. Since then, I have represented many clients in trials involving everything from misdemeanor offenses to violent felonies including rape, weapons charges and death penalty capital cases. I have fought for my clients in complex Court of Appeals cases. I love what I do.

I'm on your team.

I use over 30 years of legal and life experience to successfully represent my clients.  While I have represented hundreds of people, every case (and every person) is unique. I take time to understand my clients, and I work hard to educate them on their legal options. I know how stressful a criminal case can be for a client.

When I take on a case, I join a team. Hard work, communication and respect are key to obtaining the best result for a client. 

The result of a criminal case can affect Your life forever.

Every client’s case should be treated as the most important in the world, because it absolutely is to the client and their family. I am fighting for someone's freedom, and I take that responsibility seriously.

I personally work on all my client's cases and have regular client communication. I listen to my clients and work with them for the best possible result, whether it is a favorable plea agreement, trial or Court of Appeals decision. Strong communication eliminates the possibility of disconnects in the attorney/client relationship.

I like to win.

In every case I handle, my opponents know that I am capable, well prepared and willing to go to trial. Because I have their respect, I have the best opportunity for an exceptional outcome.  

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that I did a tremendous job for my client.  Nothing is more rewarding than when a client looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and thanks you for your work.  I am proud to serve my neighbors and fight for their legal rights.

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